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Recent BA in Psychology & Music

I am a graduate from a university with a BA in psychology and another in music. I am currently seeking work in the Chicago area, I am open to any entry level human resources positions or really anything interesting with the potential for growth. Are there any specific places in Chicago for recent grads like me that you could suggest I look at?

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Leaving Education

I am a certified teacher K through 9 with a masters degree in education. I would like to know what other career opportunities - other than teaching in the classroom for which I am qualified.

My first question to you would be why did you decided to leave teaching. When I work with clients who begin to search for new career opportunities, we try to determine if they are interested in "moving toward" or are merely "running from." Once that is clearly determined, we can move forward in the process.

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Moving to Chicago

I currently work for a fortune 500 company in Minneapolis, MN and my husband just received a job offer in Chicago. I'm trying to identify potential job opportunities for myself in Chicago and I'm wondering if there are services available that would work for me in helping me to find the right job (similar to a head hunter) please let me know if you have any suggestions.

I don't know of any agencies (other than placement services - all listed in the phone book) that do direct placement. You do not mention what type of job you do or what level.

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Head Start Jobs

Do you have list of Chicago Public Schools Head Start openings. I am looking for position in early childhood developments, and moving to the Chicago area.

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Liberal Arts Education

I have a degree in history and does that basically mean I will never find a job?

So, you have a degree in history and don't know if you will ever find a job. As far as I'm concerned all that it means is that you have a degree in history. Whether or not you ever find a job depends on how hard and strategically you work at the process.

I'll bet you have lots of skills, talents, interests and value that employers may be able to use. But you have to make a stronger effort to see where you fit.

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Journalism & Teaching

I am a graduate student in a journalism program which I love. However, I am a single parent and I need a more stable job to provide for my child. I am thinking about teaching and I have just received my substitute teaching certificate to use in January after I finish my current unpaid and curriculum required internship. I'll be finished with school next December and I think journalism is something I can do once I get my finances together and my son is older. I do love journalism and I'll miss it but I can freelance to keep my feet wet. I would prefer to teach at the college level, but I would teach at the high school level if need be.

Am I doing the right thing by changing to education, and is there a way that I can gain a teaching certificate without adding to my loan debt and going back to school? How do I make myself appealing to substitute teaching jobs if I have had minimal interaction with children and no solid "career" type of jobs (seeing I went from undergrad to graduate school)?

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Focusing Your Job Search Strategy

I lost my job 2 months ago and since have been going from office to office looking for work. In the past 2 or 3 weeks I started going to hiring agencies and they don't seem to offer me any luck either. I am a college graduate with management experience and I am running out of ideas on where to find work. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for me, anything would be greatly appreciated.

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Back to School?

I finished college recently and I can not find a job. My degree is in Non-Profit Childcare Administration. I have three years experience working with people with disabilities but the jobs I am applying for will not hire me due to the lack of management experience. Should I go back to school?

People do not generally return to school to avoid a challenging situation. The best reason to return to school is when you are clear about a direction (and have done much research about the reality of that role) and need additional credentials to meet that goal.

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Masters in Counseling

I recently graduated with my masters degree in counseling and human services from a local University. Although I am not a LCPC yet, I would like to know what kind of career or field should I be looking for and what salary should I be asking for?

I'm not sure I have answers for you, but I do have lots of questions! What kind of career do you want? What areas are you interested in? What areas do you have skills in? Where do your skills and experience fit into the needs of the workplace? These are all issues you need to explore.

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Setting Goals for a Job Search

I have a B.A. in Psychology, it's been over 2 years and I don't have a job. I owe money on my degree so my school won't give me my transcripts, I do have proof that I went for 4 years. What should I do? I'm looking for work every day and no luck.

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