Telling New Employer About Firing

I was terminated from my last job after working there 4 months. Should I mention this on my next job application?

I do not know the reason for your termination and what discussion you had with your employer before you left. But if you were paid during that time and taxes were taken out, there is a record of your employment. Lying on an application (or resume) can be cause for dismissal if discovered at a later date. You also don't say how long you were out of work prior to that job and whether you need to show some employment during that time. Some people do omit some jobs on an application, but I think a better way to handle the situation is to face it, admit it and be able to express what you learned and, if terminated for cause, how you plan to behave in the future and what you learned from the experience. When you do have the opportunity to discuss it with a prospective employer - remember it is NEVER a good idea to say anything negative about a previous employer. Learn from your past mistakes and strive for a better future.

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