Setting Goals for a Job Search

I have a B.A. in Psychology, it's been over 2 years and I don't have a job. I owe money on my degree so my school won't give me my transcripts, I do have proof that I went for 4 years. What should I do? I'm looking for work every day and no luck.

Looking for work is more than luck. You must create a well planned, organized search to be most effective. You must first clarify an objective, be clear about how your skills fit into the world of work and target your efforts to those positions that can benefit from your skills. You must present yourself in a way that highlights your assets to the company.

I noticed a few typographical errors in your letter (edited out for use on this website). It does not give a good impression to employers. You might benefit from meeting with a career counselor, have her/him go over your entire search strategy, edit your resume and cover letter and help you learn some skills that will make your search more effective. There are many good agencies in the area that offer low cost or free services to help you. Check the website Career Counseling & Legal Help section.

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