Portfolio Analyst Position

I am currently a Credit Analyst for a brokerage firm and I want to get into portfolio analysis for hedge funds. How can I break into this exclusive career with my experience?

My advice would be the same to you as to anyone who is trying to move into a new area of the same field. Research, research, research. Learn all you can about the field, find out who is doing it now, figure out how to talk to them - (check out the article on informational interviewing on the Chicagojobs.org website)- begin to make contacts in that area - offer to help in any way you can - start at the bottom and move up the ladder. After speaking to people in the field, analyze what skills, personality and qualities you have that would make you of value in the area of hedge fund portfolio analysis. A website like HedgeWorld.com may give you more insights on this particular industry.

Then create a target list, develop a strategy plan and pursue your dreams. (A career counselor may be able to help here.) There are no easy answers to job change - just like there are no easy answers to amassing a fortune. Good luck!

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